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Current Activities: The York Knowledge

A horse tram in Fishergate, before 1909 - an image from the Evelyn Collection held by YAYAS

The Mansion House, home of the Lord Mayor during their year of office

In 1951 York took part in the Festival of Britain and revived performance of the Guilds' Mystery Plays
York has an enormous body of resources available to anyone who wishes to understand the city's history and heritage or to learn more about the modern city and its plans for the future. The York Civic Trust is seeking to ensure that these resources are as widely known and accessible as possible - we want York's 'Knowledge' effectively handed on from generation to generation.  We hope to define comprehensively what these resources are, where they are held and how to gain access to them.

Initially we have looked at the subject areas listed below.  Others may follow.  Click on a subject below to gain access to the portal you seek.  If you can add material to these pages, please let us know.

York Bibliography
Museums and Collections
Books, Articles and Public Archives
Oral History