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Strategies: Economic Masterplan and Vision

Exhibition Square, York

York Central Site
The urbanist and architect, Professor Alan Simpson, was commissioned to prepare a new masterplan for York, to guide the city over the next two decades.  Consultation with members of York Civic Trust and others has been extensive and we wait to see if the Trust's advice has been taken on board.

It is over 30 years since Lord Esher's celebrated report, and it is timely that new thinking is brought to bear at this time of economic downturn.  Funded by Yorkshire Forward, the regional development agency, the project had enabled the appointment of six new architects, urban planners and heritage officers who join the existing team for the next three years. However recent Government cuts have reduced this to two posts.

A third component involves the creation of an Academy which aims to raise the skills base of the present Council staff and encourage new ways of thinking. Again Government funding has been reduced but the Academy will function in some form in the future.