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Past Planning: Hungate

Hungate, York
York Civic Trust was invited in 1999 to comment on a draft Development Brief for this 3.9 hectare site. The Development Brief was prepared by the Council and was intended to set out the principles of how the site might be developed, taking account of its location and any other factors which must be observed in the event of a planning application being made. The principle of developing the site was welcomed by the Civic Trust because this land, so close to the city centre, consisted of vacant sites and semi-derelict buildings. The idea of developing it provided an opportunity to enhance the area and respect the scale which gives York its unique character. The brief was, however, considered by the Civic Trust to encourage development which was too intensive both in density, height, massing and scale. These views were largely ignored and Phase I of the scheme was approved.  The City Council also proposed a new Headquarters building there but this was rejected.

However, the Trust is delighted that five years of excavation by York Archaeological Trust was able to take place, 2007-2012.  Archaeology clarifying habitation and work in York has been uncovered from the pre-Roman era right through to the twentieth century.