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Current Planning : Terry's Factory site, Bishopthorpe Road

Terry's Factory, York

Terry's Factory, York - masterplan
In 2005 the York Civic Trust supported a Development Brief prepared by the Council for introducing new uses for the site of this former factory with an emphasis on employment but with other related uses. The site contains five listed buildings and the Trust was keen that these should retain a suitable setting. It was therefore a disappointment when, in December 2006, a scheme for a comprehensive development of the site was submitted for a wide range of uses. The layout indicated an over-development of the site and the landscape proposals were poorly integrated. Many of the proposed buildings were too high and some competed with the listed buildings. The need to reflect the scale of any buildings on this site with the neighbouring South Bank area was stressed by the Trust and a less intensive scheme was recommended. In the event, the Council's Planning Committee refused planning permission for this scheme, in August 2008.

A revised Development Brief was then prepared by the Council, and they also set up a Community Forum with the objective of the developers and their designers bringing forward a scheme which would have the backing of local residents, Council officers, conservation organisations, and the Council itself. By October 2009 the York Civic Trust had examined the latest planning and listed buildings applications and had concluded that this scheme was much improved and had the potential to be an asset to the local area and the City as a whole. Various suggestions were made for conditions of any approval, but these were offered in the spirit of attempting to enhance the scheme and the future of the site. This latest scheme was subsequently approved by the Council's Planning Committee in February 2010.