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Past Planning: Hotel on Toft Green

The proposed Courtyard elevation of hotel on Toft Green, York (courtesy of Crease, Strickland and Parkin)
The site adjoins the south west corner of the G.T.Andrews Departure Platform and abuts the relocated train shed on one side.

Many discussions were held between the architects (Crease, Strickland, Parkin) and conservation bodies like ourselves and some progress was made regarding design, choice of materials, massing and footprint.

We did, however, ask that further thought be given to the materials and fenestration of the elevation facing onto the courtyard and suggested that by drawing the rear extensions away from the train shed, this structure could then be seen from the courtyard in the way it was in the nineteenth century.

We also sought assurances that the Grade II listed railings along Tanner Row, designed by G.T.Andrews and cast in York at the famous Walker Foundry, would be preserved and enhanced.

The scheme was approved, but with conditions relating to the exterior facing the courtyard and the railings, but no change to the footprint.