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Past Planning: Gray's Court Coach House

Gray's Court Garden looking towards the City Walls

Applications to renovate the former Coach House, to the right of this view, in Monk Bar Court, and change of use to a) bedrooms to be used in association with Grays Court, and b) a single dwelling.


The York Civic Trust Planning Sub-Committee has considered the two applications for the above property, and welcomes the proposed restoration and re-use of this previously neglected building.


The main concern was the proposed vehicular access across the garden area of Grays Court and parking of cars adjacent to the Coach House, to which the York Civic Trust would strongly object. This garden has not previously been used for this purpose, and due to its role in the setting of Grays Court itself, the Minster beyond ,and its close proximity to the City Walls, it should not be used for vehicular traffic of any kind.

In the light of that recommendation the Trust has concluded that the conversion of the building for bedrooms associated with Grays Court would be likely to encourage vehicular access and parking would therefore not be acceptable.


The second application which was for conversion of the Coach House to a single dwelling would, however, be acceptable providing it gained its access via Monk Bar Court, which although narrow is a viable route for limited use.


We are mindful of the comments of English Heritage re the provision of services in the vicinity of the Scheduled Ancient Monument and consider that aspect should be resolved before any change of use is granted.

The planning committee refused the application for the bedroom adjunct and deferred the single dwelling application (16 September 2010).