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York Civic Trust

About: Message from the Chairman

Andrew Scott CBE became Chairman of the Civic Trust at the October 2015 AGM
York is a remarkable place - a vibrant forward-looking economy firmly embedded in one of Europe's most historic cities. It's a place where people rightly take pride in their surroundings.

All around us is the evidence of two thousand years of the city's story. Protecting this heritage whilst sustaining our economy means watching out for threats and striking a delicate balance between competing demands. Vigilance and thoughtful debate can help to craft the best way forward and these two areas lie at the heart of the Civic Trust's role.

The Civic Trust is a membership organisation which, since 1947, has provided a means for all those interested in the future of York to share their views and seek to influence change. Striking a balance between the needs of conservation and those of a thriving city will always be difficult and we aim to provide a forum where the issues can be debated, public views shared and proposals for solutions sought. Sometimes delivering those solutions is achieved by consultation with, for instance, the City Council. In other circumstances our members make a difference by fundraising for our own City Enhancement Programme and directly delivering projects which would not otherwise get done. These vary from minor environmental improvements right up to the operation of our own Georgian House Museum - Fairfax House.

The strength of the Civic Trust lies in its membership. Whether members get directly involved or simply express their support by enjoying some of the programmes we provide does not matter (although there is always lots to do!). But your membership helps ensure that the voice of the Civic Trust is heard as we seek to ensure that York continues to be a place that is loved and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. If you care about the future of York, we would be delighted to have you on board. Click on 'How to Join' for more information about how to join us.


Andrew Scott CBE CEng FMA