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Explore York: York Walks

Lawrence Street leads up to Walmgate Bar, unique in Britain for its barbican.
The York area is great for walking - from the extraordinary heritage of the city centre, with its many fascinating buildings, old streets and unique ambience, through the wonderful open spaces of the largely preserved medieval Strays, to the outer villages with their green belt surroundings and excellent pubs.  And the walking is easy.

Over many years, walks have been created in York to help people discover and enjoy the city.  Unfortunately, many of the publications describing them have a short lifespan and they soon disappear. 

We have pulled together over 75 such walks that have been published, ranging from a short stroll in the footsteps of King Richard III in the city centre, to longer walks across the Strays and in York's surrounding countryside.  We have reproduced only those for which we have been able to obtain permission, and on the condition that they are freely available to Trust members and the wider public.

This list of published walks is only a beginning.  As new walks come to light, we hope to include them to the benefit of everyone.  Do let us know if you create a new walk!  The email address is info@yorkcivictrust.co.uk
We are delighted that the Rowntree Society has just published a booklet of five new walks around the Rowntree family's and company's world.  You'll find those below.

We hope you enjoy the walks, learn about York, have fun and keep fit!

Liz Smith and Ron Cooke
February 2017

Below are ten PDFs created from the tour papers of YorkWalks. (click on the title, not the icon)
Antiques, Arts and Books.pdf
City walls - York Walk.pdf
GEORGIAN YORK York Walk .pdf{Embedded Content (GEORGIAN YORK York Walk.pdf)}
Guy Fawkes Trail - YorkWalk.pdf
Mystery Play - In the steps of the Mystery Plays -YorkWalk.pdf
Pub Tour - Historic Inns and Pubs - YorkWalk.pdf
ROMAN YORK - YorkWalk.pdf
St Nicholas - Yuletide walk - YorkWalk.pdf
Viking York - YorkWalks.pdf
Here are five Rowntree walks, with thanks to the Rowntree Society. (click on the title not the icon)