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Publications: York - Changing the Face of the City

By Professor Sir Ron Cooke, former Chairman of York Civic Trust.  £20
Everyone who cherishes York and all its splendours will enjoy reading this unique and fascinating book.  With over 300 colour illustrations to support his writing, the author takes you on a journey through the streets and open spaces of York, but with a difference: this is a vision for the future of the city and not simply a celebration of its illustrious past.  Ron Cooke has brought together in one book a collection of his manifestos, research and at times controversial views on how York might change for the better.
All the proceeds of the sale of York - Changing the Face of the City go directly to the funds held to implement the Civic Trust's City Enhancement Programme.  The projects are making notable improvements to specific locations in York.  Below is a PDF with an order form.  Postage and packing are £2.95
Cooke-order form.pdf