The Trust is a membership organisation and a registered Charity (No. 229336). Our membership is open to all.

Board of Trustees

Andrew Scott CBE (Chairman)
Verna Campbell
David Foster
Dr Kate Giles
Dr Jane Grenville OBE
Elizabeth Heaps
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lusty
Martin Stancliffe
Terence Suthers MBE
Dr Philip Thake
John Vincent
Richard Watson

President of York Civic Trust              Dr Peter Addyman CBE


Finance & General Purposes Chair, Andrew Scott (Temp)
Events and Activities Chair, Stephen Lusty
Fairfax House Museum Committee Chair, Terence Suthers
Governance & Nominations Chair, David Foster
Planning Chair, Richard Watson (Acting)
Audit Chair, Alison Robinson
Membership Chair, John Vincent
Membership Sec. Jill Waterson
Education Chair, Stephen Lewis (Temp)
City Enhancement Chair, Elizabeth Heaps


Chief Executive                           Dr David Fraser

Director of Fairfax House          Hannah Phillip

Office Manager                            Michaela Dobson

2019 Committee dates

The pdf below is the most update schedule for all YCT committee meetings to be held in 2019.

YCT Committee Meetings 2019, v.17 (last update: 13 March 2019)