City Enhancement

Programme and Fund

The Restored Rigg Monument

The City Enhancement Programme and Fund was established to help preserve, restore, enhance, enrich and sustain the public realm — the streets and open space — of the city of York. It invests in projects that are suggested either by the Trust’s members or other members of the public. Projects are overseen by our volunteer Project Managers who, although unpaid, are highly professional.  They enlist partners and funders, and supervise the design and implementation of each project.

Please help us in this work by making a donation towards the City Enhancement Fund, or by buying Ron Cooke’s book Changing the Face of the City.

Current Projects

Fossgate Banner

Way-Finding in the City

Benches in the city centre

Waste Corrals in the city centre

Plaques marking important places and people:  see Civic Trust Plaques

Completed Projects

Rigg Monument – see Dedication of the Rigg Monument

King’s Staith – see Railings outside Winner, Winner

Archbishop Holgate School – see Gates to the former Playing Fields

St Margaret’s Church (the National Centre for Early Music) – see Restoration of Gates

Memorial to Dr John Snow, North Street Gardens – see John Snow memorial

All Saints Pavement Churchyard – see ‘Pocket Park’ project