Trust wins a York Design Award

The York Design Awards celebrate the heritage of fine buildings in the city of York and encourage a high standard of design. These prestigious Awards are open to developments within the City of York boundary which were completed during the previous two years. The Trust is represented in the judging of the Awards. This link takes you to the Awards website.
Awards are won for quality of design and craftmanship, for sustainability, and for response to surroundings, including heritage and open space.

York Design Awards 2017: Andrew Scott, Michaela Dobson and Nick Beilby accept a Special Award

At the 2017 awards ceremony. we were delighted to be given a Special Award for Public Domain improvements.  We had entered four projects from our City Enhancement Programme:  the Rigg Monument; the John Snow Memorial;  All Saints Pavement churchyard; and the restored Archbishop Holgate School Gates).   The judges chose to recognise our holistic work in the public realm


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