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    I have come across a reference to an “Annunciation” window by Harry Stammers in the chapel of the York College for Girls on Petergate. Is this stained glass still in situ or do we have a record of its rescue.

    1. Hello Rick, Good question! We think we have a definite answer and happy resolution for this beautiful Harry Stammers’ window. It is now rehoused and cared for in the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall in York: (Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30120216@N07/40590524043/in/photostream/ ). A blog post by Merchant Adventurers’ Hall includes: In the Undercroft there is a highly decorative window on the eastern wall depicting the Annunciation. This window was designed by Henry James Stammers in 1960 and was commissioned for the Former York College for Girls on Petergate. When the school closed in 1997, the building remained empty until it was redeveloped in 2004 and the window donated to the Company. The window underwent restoration before being installed in the Undercroft in memory of Sir Colin Shepherd, Governor of the Company in 1997-8. https://www.merchantshallyork.org/hall-highlights-stained-glass/ As you may well already know, Rick, the Borthwick Institute also has a fabulous Harry Stammers archive collection: https://borthcat.york.ac.uk/index.php/hsta

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