The City Enhancement Programme and Fund are tasked to preserve, restore, enhance, enrich and sustain the public realm – the streets and open space – of the city of York. It invests in projects that are suggested either by the Trust’s members or other members of the public. Reports on our completed projects can be viewed below.

Projects are overseen by our volunteer Project Managers who, although unpaid, are highly professional.  They enlist partners and funders, and supervise the design and implementation of each project. You can support City Enhancement by either purchasing Ron Cooke’s book Changing the Face of the City, proceeds of which go to the Programmeand can be found in our online shop, or by donating directly to the City Enhancement project.

The Archbishop of York dedicates the restored Rigg Monument, 2017 – a City Enhancement Project.
Installation of the Fossgate Banner, York Civic Trust’s major project of 2018

York Civic Trust welcomes all donations to continue the Programme’s work. If you would like to discuss a possible donation for a specific project, or the wider programme, please contact Duncan Marks. 

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Completed Projects 2019

Historic Cast-Iron Mileposts Restoration – June 2019

Historic Flood Marker – July 2019

Cholera Burial Ground Plaque – July 2019

Clifton Green Restoration – 2019

Completed Projects 2018

Click on the below titles for reports on our recently completed projects:

Completed Projects Summary 2018

Acomb War Memorial Restoration – November 2018

Coat of Arms, Memorial Gardens – October 2018

Thomas Gowland Tombstone – September 2018

Victoria Bar Plaque – September 2018

George Hudson St Clock – Sept 2018

George Leeman Statue – August 2018

King’s Staith Railings 2 – July 2018

Princess Margaret Plaque – Summer 2018

William Etty Statue – July 2018

St Helen’s Churchyard Davygate – July 2018

Queen Victoria Statue, Holgate restoration – June 2018

Fossgate Banner – Spring 2018

Station Road Compass – Completed April 2018

Drinking Fountain, Acomb Green-Completed April 2018

Cigarette Bins – Completed March 2018

Kevin Spencer repainting the Station Road Compass, 2018

Completed Projects 2017

St Helen’s Square Benches & Lanterns – Completed December 2017

City Centre Street Name Signs – Completed August 2017

Coat of Arms, Beckett’s Bank & Georgian Door, Coney St – Completed June 2017

King’s Staith Railings Restoration – Completed May 2017

Archbishop Holgate’s Grammar School Gates – Unveiled May 2017

Lawrence Street Water Trough – Completed April 2017

St Margaret’s Church (National Centre for Early Music) Gates – Completed April 2017

The Rigg Monument Restoration – Dedicated by the Archbishop of York, March 2017

John Snow Memorial, North Street Gardens – Unveiled March 2017

All Saints Pavement ‘Pocket Park’ – Opened May 2016

Little Shambles – Street Sign restored by City Enhancement, August 2017.


Plaques marking important places and people are an important part of the City Enhancement Programme. We have a very active programme led by our committee of historians –  see Civic Trust Plaques

Plaque to Mary Ellen Best