Archive document from the Museum of London being used for student activities; page 17 of the Suffragette – Student Pack

York Civic Trust has worked in partnership with the archives team at Explore York to produce a series of education packs for KS2 students and teachers.

Topics include poverty in Victorian York and the lives and deeds of suffragettes in the city.

The hope is that the carefully prepared packs will help bring York’s rich history alive for school children through the use of original documents, photographs, and other information from the archives in York and elsewhere.

In the attached files, you will find electronic versions of each pack as pdfs, one for students, the other for teachers.

Archive document from Explore York being used for student activities; page 24 of the Victorian Workhouse – Student Pack

The packs have been designed to be easy to use and as flexible as possible – with the idea for teachers to be able to use them in whatever way they want.  The packs are full of suggested activities, questions, and teachers’ notes that provide further information.

These packs can be downloaded as pdfs below for free.  These are the first in what will be a series of KS2 packs based on York’s history and archives.  Two further packs – York in the First World War and York in the Second World War – will be available soon.

We would welcome any feedback on the packs. This will help us with the design of further packs in the future. Feedback forms are attached at the end of each pack. Alternatively, you can email comments to


Downloadable packs:


Suffragettes – TEACHER Pack


Suffragettes – STUDENT Pack


Victorian Workhouse – TEACHER pack


Victorian Workhouse – STUDENT Pack


York in WW1 – TEACHER Pack
York in WW1 – STUDENT Pack


York in WW2 – TEACHER Pack
York in WW2 – STUDENT Pack