York Central — February 2018

York Central (sometimes known as the “tear-drop site”) is the large brownfield site to the west of the city’s railway station.  It lies between the A19 and A59 corridors, and is bounded by operational rail lines.  A development partnership consisting of the City of York Council, Network Rail, the National Railway Museum and Homes England is seeking to plan the future of the site and our workshops sought our members’ views on their proposals.

We started with three presentations:

  1. National Railway Museum Masterplan Overview
  2. York Central Partnership – draft proposal
  3. York Civic Trust — Tony May — York Central Transport and Access

And over the two days developed these views which will inform our response to the forthcoming consultations, including the outline planning application expected later this year:

YCT Workshops on York Central — Summary of Views

Plan of York Central



York Castle Gateway — August 2017

The City of York Council is concerned about the future of this area containing the Eye of Yorkshire, Clifford’s Tower, Piccadilly, Fossgate, Tower Gardens, St George’s Field, and the Foss Basin.  So are we: it is the most important public space in England’s second city.  We held two workshops for members as part of the Council’s public engagement leading to a Master Plan to be published in November.   Below is a presentation by David Fraser and Peter Gouldsborough to start participants thinking about the significance of the area.

York Castle Gateway YCT Workshop Master Presentation

and here is our final submission to the Council:

York Castle Gateway — YCT response to consultation December 2017




Transport —  February 2017

Traffic congestion, public transport and air pollution are among the most controversial of topics in every city.  We held two workshops to help inform our members on these complex issues and to examine possible policy measures which could be adopted, and be incorporated in our Local Transport Plan.

Transport Workshop Slides, February 2017

Transport Workshop Final Report

Future York Workshop February 2017




Resilient York —  November 2016

Resilient York Impact Report, March 2017

Following the York floods of late 2015, we are concerned that the people and historic buildings of York should be as well prepared as possible for future incidents of destructive environmental damage.  In conjunction with the University of York, the York Conservation Alumni Association and the Two Ridings Community Foundation, we convened a day meeting to explore the question of making the fabric of our special historic city more resilient in the future.

Resilient York Final Report, March 2017



Our Vision for York — May 2016

In May 2016, we held a detailed series of seminars aimed at producing a broad vision for the direction our city should travel over the next decades.  This was primarily aimed at the City of York Council to assist with the development of the Local Development Plan for York.

Report and Results

Vision Statement




The Future Planning of York — January 2016

In January 2016 the York Civic Trust Planning Committee held a series of briefings and seminars with ordinary members of the Trust to discuss York’s current, former and potential future strengths.

The attachments below show the process and results of this consultation:

Seminar Slides

Summary of Members’ Views