The Civic Trust’s Heritage Projects are suggested either by the Trust’s members or other members of the public. The programme protects, preserves, enhances and conserves our historic city. Look around York and you will see evidence of many of our restorations over the last 70 years.

Installation of the permanent Fossgate Banner, the Civic Trust led this project from inception to completion (2014-2018)

York Civic Trust welcomes all donations via Debit or Credit Cards to continue the Programme’s work.

Please get in touch at if you wish to suggest a project.

Completed Projects

Clifton Green Restoration

Coat of Arms, Memorial Gardens

Victoria Bar Plaque

George Hudson St Clock

George Leeman Statue

King’s Staith Railings 2 

William Etty Statue

St Helen’s Churchyard Davygate 

Queen Victoria Statue, Holgate restoration 

Fossgate Banner

Station Road Compass 

St Helen’s Square Benches & Lanterns

City Centre Street Name Signs

Coat of Arms, Beckett’s Bank & Georgian Door, Coney St

Archbishop Holgate’s Grammar School Gates 

St Margaret’s Church (National Centre for Early Music) Gates 

The Rigg Monument Restoration 

John Snow Memorial, North Street Gardens 

All Saints Pavement ‘Pocket Park’ 

Little Shambles – Street Sign restored by City Enhancement, August 2017.


Plaques marking important places and people are an important part of the City Enhancement Programme. We have a very active programme led by our committee of historians –  see Civic Trust Plaques

Plaque to Mary Ellen Best