The City Enhancement Programme worked on the restoration and painting of damaged iron railings on King’s Staith opposite Winner, Winner in May 2017 on behalf of York BID. The railings are constructed of cast iron columns and possibly wrought iron rails and were cast in the Walker Iron foundry, York under William Walker, between 1853 and 1911.

CEF King`s Staith railings
Final detailing of the restored King`s Staith railing

Following disrepair and years of damage from vehicles and the elements, the railings were restored by York Civic Trust. The project began with structural surveys and site inspection of the railings. Significant repairs were made to the cast iron railings with welding and structural improvements before the addition of missing finials and balls to the tops of the railings, with a long life black and gold paint to finish. The works were managed by Project Manager Nick Beilby, on behalf of York Civic Trust.