In 2021 the city council invited York Civic Trust to advise on updating its 10-year-old Local Transport Plan. It had planned to issue a draft strategy for consultation by now, but this has been deferred. Given the delay, the Trust’s Transport Advisory Group have published its own proposals in a Transport Strategy for York. 

The strategy, put together following a series of key workshops and the establishment of a Citizens Transport Forum, will include a number of key recommendations, which the Trust hopes the Council will take into account when drawing up its own transport plan. 

“Any future transport strategy will affect every one of us. It will influence our lifestyles, our working patterns, our travel choices and the feel of the city.

Stephen Lusty, York Civic Trust Chair

If we can get the balance right, it should be possible to offer uncongested travel for the journeys which would be hard to make without a car. And we can help ensure that York benefits from improvements to its environment, celebrates its heritage, ensures that all its citizens enjoy a healthy, rewarding lifestyle and achieves the economic vitality necessary to support all of these.

“Any new plan will be contentious, and it is crucial that the Council starts the debate on alternative approaches soon. We hope that our new strategy will stimulate that debate.”

Professor Tony May, Transport Advisory Group Chair

We hope that the new strategy will stimulate debate, and that anyone who is interested in transport in York will join in the conversation and support the Council in formulating their next Local Transport Plan.

To find out more please do read the summary of the Civic Trust’s A Transport Strategy for York – link below.