The latest scheme submitted in June 2010, continues to be a great concern  because of the over-development of this site and its detrimental effect on the nearby eleven listed buildings, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and a Conservation Area.

The high concentration of students on this site will bound to have an adverse affect on the amenities of the neighbouring residents, and no amount of ‘so called’ management will secure control over noise and disturbance to permanent residents of properties adjoining the site. Nor can these aspects be controlled by planning conditions.

In our view, the current scheme fails to meet the following items:-

a)    it does not respect or enhance the local environment.

b)    the density, scale, mass and – especially – the design, are not compatible with neighbouring buildings or
character of the area. The lack of information (apart from the facing bricks) does not enable us to
comment on the appropriateness of building materials.

c)   the setting of the other townscape features which make a significant contribution to the character of the
area would be seriously harmed by the current scheme.

d)   the residents living nearby would be affected by noise, disturbance,
overlooking, overshadowing and dominated by overbearing structures

e)   the lack of on-site parking will also have an impact on the neighbouring streets

The attempt to ameliorate the effects on the Ellen Wilson Homes is unconvincing given that a new access road to ‘adoptable standards’ is pr oposed to be located immediately outside their rear gardens. This will form the main access for all the residents using the student bed-sits and is bound to impinge on the amenities of this group of vulnerable residents whose quality of life depends on a quiet environment.

We can only repeat our previous comments, namely that this site is not appropriate for such a concentration of student housing, and that the density and design of the various blocks would be harmful to the adjoining listed buildings and the neighbouring residents.

The Trust has urged the Council to reject this scheme.

The planning committee were unanimous in their refusal of this scheme, deeming it to be insufficient quality for the site and an over development.(23 September 2010)