Finding a way of securing the long-term future of Fairfax House as a museum open to the public has been achieved by a partnership with York Conservation Trust.  This is a family-owned Trust which specialises in preserving historic buildings in the City of York, such as the De Grey Rooms, the Assembly Rooms and St Anthony’s Hall.

Through a sale and lease-back arrangement, York Civic Trust has created a ring-fenced Endowment Fund for the sole benefit of Fairfax House.  The investment income protects both house and collection for as far as we can see into the future. The partnership is particularly pleasing on a number of levels. First, one of the founders of the York Conservation Trust, J.B. Morrell, was also one of the four people who founded York Civic Trust in 1946. Secondly, it is a local solution with the benefits of local contact with our landlords. Thirdly, the Conservation Trust, which maintains and rents out its properties, take responsibility for the building itself and the Civic Trust can therefore draw upon a wide range of expertise and resources when needed.

York Conservation Trust has published a book York Conservation Trust – Historical Properties Walking Guide.  It costs £9.99 and is available from the Fairfax House Shop.  You can inquire about it from the shop manager: Fairfax House shop.