The Press, York (formerly the Yorkshire Evening Press)

The Press has an extensive archive of newspaper cuttings dating back to the 1930s.
The cuttings are indexed and organised alphabetically by name and subject matter.  They are no longer housed in York.

Viewing of the archive may be possible by appointment. Contact: Press Photosales on 01904 567135 or email to find out more.

Since 1997, cuttings have been archived electronically. It may be possible also to view these electronic archives by appointment, and under supervision. Contact Press Photosales on 01904 567135 or see here to find out more.

The Press also keeps bound copies of both the Yorkshire Evening Press and the Yorkshire Herald dating back to the 1930s, although there are some gaps. It may be possible to arrange to view these by appointment. Contact Press Photosales on 01904 567135 or email to find out more.

To find out more about the ‘Yesterday Once More’ column written by Stephen Lewis at The York Press click here

2 thoughts on “Photographs, Film and Press: Press Archives

  1. Hi … I am wanting to trace a picture you published around 5/ 6 years ago. It was a picture and price on a handful of troops been cared for at fulford hospital if my memory serves me right … the soldiers was stood and sat outside the hospital looking well cared for .. you can help … there’s no name I have.

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