On 30 August 2017, York Civic Trust unveiled its latest blue plaque, in recognition of Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803-1882), prominent architect and designer of the Hansom Cab, on Micklegate, York. The unveiling took place at Hansom’s former home at 114 Micklegate, now known as Brigantes Bar and Brasserie and was attended by York Civic Trust president Dr Peter Addyman and Chief Executive Dr David Fraser.

The unveiling committee outside “Brigantes” admiring the Joseph Hansom blue plaque

In attendance at the ceremony were Claire Forsyth from York Brewery, and representatives from Brigantes and York Civic Trust. The unveiling was performed by Councillor Ian Gillies, Executive Member for Transport & Planning, and a former cab driver himself, in honour of Hansom’s innovation to transport in the form of the Hansom Cab.

One thought on “Joseph Hansom plaque

  1. As Secretary to the ‘Scandalous Bohemians’ Sherlock Holmes Group, I was delighted to discover that the building which now houses ‘Brigantes’ (our new meeting venue in York) was also the birthplace and former home to the designer of the Hansom Cab – this seems highly appropriate and I’m sure Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (not to mention Holmes and Watson!) would have been tickled pink! (I shall therefore be forwarding York Civic Trust’s link to all our SBs members, in honour of Joseph Aloysius Hansom!)

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