We run York’s Blue Plaque programme. You can suggest a person or place for a blue plaque if you contact us via Twitter @yorkcivictrust or email

info@yorkcivictrust.co.uk. Our volunteer historians will then research for us to consider!

3 thoughts on “Suggest A Blue Plaque

  1. I wrote a letter to Dr Fraser on the 18th February 2018 suggesting a blue plaque for Alderman Dobbie, the first Labour Lord Mayor of the city. I e-mailed on 15th March 2018 as I had not received a reply. I still have not heard anything and having found this ‘Suggest a Blue Plaque’ thought I should try to get a reply this way. I am happy to send a copy of the letter and summary of Alderman Dobbie’s life if necessary.

    1. Hi Barry – thank you for your comment. I will pass this on to our Blue Plaques committee for consideration at their next meeting. Apologies for the slight delay in responding to your letter. Joshua Scarlett – Project Officer, City Enhancement

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