On Sunday 29 April, York Civic Trust completed its major City Enhancement Project of 2018 to install a permanent banner at the entrance to Fossgate. These exclusive photographs show the story of the day behind the scenes of the installation.

The road was closed from 6am to allow the Fossgate Banner to be installed

Eyeing up the prospective task

Our team got to work early on Fossgate

The first task was to remove the plastic banner

Down at last

Nick Beilby discards the old plastic sign

The new banner is put into harness

Getting ready for the lift

The banner is checked before putting into place

Site Manager Jim Taylor keeps an eye on proceedings

The Fossgate Banner

Up and away

The Fossgate Banner in place between The Terrace and Sutler’s

A contemporary, light design for a modern, independent street

The official dedication ceremony to the banner will take place on Sunday 6 May with the unveiling of a blue plaque at the start of the year’s first Fossgate Festival at 12pm. Representatives from York Civic Trust and York BID will unveil the plaque.

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