York Civic Trust has begun work to improve the appearance of the entrances to Hull Road Park including on Melrosegate, and Alcuin Avenue. As part of the project, the stone pillars were recently the subject of approved conservation treatments by partner contractor Rook Heritage Consulting. This allowed dirt, detritus, graffiti and staining to be removed.

It is hoped that work can soon starting on painting the gates, and repairs made to the damaged City of York coats of arms that are attached to boards on the gates.

It is hoped that work can start to improve the civic appearance of the park entrances too, damage seen here in August 2019.

The work has been funded by York Civic Trust’s City Enhancement Programme. If you would like to donate to this project, or suggest another restoration project within York that our team could look at in 2020, please contact cityenhancement@yorkcivictrust.co.uk