York Civic Trust are pleased to announce that the George Hudson Street ‘Newey’ clock has been fully repaired and is back in fluid working order once again!

An inquest into the cause of the GHS clock ceasing to tick away in a timely manner revealed that friction between the bevel gear and arbor was preventing the mechanisms from performing their rotatory duties.

From 7pm – 10:30pm on Thursday 13th September, local clocksmith John Cossins, with the help of the City of York Council, successfully identified the clock’s defect, then repaired, cleaned and lubricated the interior mechanisms, and had the clock in full working order by half past 10 of that same day.

The next morning John returned to the clock to restore the faded ‘Geoffrey Newey, York’ lettering on the clock face which had been weathered over time, as well as replacing the internal electric bulbs behind the face.

A special thank you is in order for the two operatives from the CYC, Eric and Chris, who provided their invaluable cherry picker services to aid in the clock’s repair, as well as representative of Friends of the Clock, Andy Robertson, who oversaw the restoration process.

Here are some images taken by Mr. Cossins during the clock’s repair process.

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