York Civic Trust has launched a major City wide transport consultation to find out what residents think are the key issues in York and how to tackle them.

Partnering with the York Environment Forum and York Bus Forum, The Trust has launched a survey that runs throughout September 2019.

All York residents can take part in the survey by visiting:


Commuters into York can take part in a specific survey which can be found at:


[Survey users are recommended to use a tablet, laptop or PC when completing the survey. Rotating a smartphone to ‘landscape’ will also help]

The surveys ask residents and those commuting into York to work to outline what they feel are current issues with transport in the City, how and why they move around the City and how they would like to see transport changed in the future.  

The response to the survey will feed into the Council’s new Local Transport Plan, work on which is expected to be started next year.

As an extra incentive, everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw, with a chance to win one of three £100 prizes, to be made at random at the end of the survey period.  

A Citizens’ Transport Forum, drawn from those who complete the survey, will be established to discuss and review the implications of the responses, and to work with the Council as it develops its Plan.  

“We would like to see as many people as possible take part in the survey so we can get a wide range of feedback on transport issues facing everyone who lives and works in the City.”

“Transport is one of the key challenges, and opportunities, for York in the future and we hope this exercise helps to inform this debate in the coming months and years.”

[Professor Tony May, Chair of the Trust’s dedicated Transport Advisory Group]

Prof Tony May, who is leading the survey.

A large display can be found inside the main Explore York Library in Library Square, and information will be made available to all 17 of York’s library branches by Tuesday 3rd September.

This consultation is funded by York Civic Trust, The National Lottery Community Fund, the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, York Environment Forum, York Bus Forum and York BID.  

One thought on “YCT launches major, city-wide local transport survey in York

  1. This plan should give full weight to the part to be played by the railway network in York and the surrounding area. The city is incredibly fortunate in having six railway routes connecting the city with the surrounding area. I include the Derwent Valley Light Railway as having a potential role in the transport network.
    York should follow the lead of such cities as Stockholm by directing new houses to settlements on one of the railway lines. At the same time new stations should be established within settlements on the railway lines( Proposals for Haxby are a start). These stations would also have adequate parking to accommodate commuters and others from adjoining villages wishing to park and ride on the trains.
    This should take pressure off the road network, and reduce air pollution from motor vehicles. In addition it should improve journey times into the city centre.
    This is just a short outline of what I hope is taken on board by the plan.

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