York Civic Trust’s latest City Enhancement project has been completed ahead of schedule despite logistical setbacks at the start of the works. Conservator Alaina Schmisseur finished her work to the statue on 20 July 2018. The statue outside the York Art Gallery to the painter William Etty was erected in 1911 and damage to the stonework from graffiti, moisture and chlorine from the fountain had led to a deterioration in the statue’s makeup over recent years.

The statue prior to City Enhancement works.

The project closure means that York Civic Trust has now performed conservation works to two of the three prominent city centre statues it set out to work on at the start of 2018. Earlier works to the Queen Victoria Statue in Holgate and the upcoming project to restore the statue to George Leeman on Station Rise make up the core of our summer City Enhancement works. The project was managed by Nick Beilby on behalf of York Civic Trust.

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