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Past Planning: Clifton Garage site

Clifton Garage site, York
Since 2003 there have been several schemes submitted to the Council for redeveloping this former repair garage site. The York Civic Trust has consistently encouraged the principle of redeveloping the site and has seen   it as an opportunity to enhance the townscape of this part of the Clifton Conservation Area. Its proposed residential use was also supported, but the scale, density and design of the application schemes were of more concern. On several occasions the Council accepted the views of the Civic Trust and refused planning permission. The applicants appealed against the refusals but the independent Inspector dismissed the appeals.

A further scheme was submitted in January 2007 which included a sizeable retail shop. This raised many local objections, including one from the York Civic Trust. The servicing of the shop would have raised many problems, including having detrimental effects on local residents. Another appeal was lodged, and again the Inspector dismissed the appeal.

The most recent application, without the retail element and having a density more in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood, has been approved and development proceeds.