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Current Planning : The West Offices

The Courtyard entrance to West Offices, with easy access

Inside the West Offices: new structures respect the old walls

Architects' impression of the new City of York Council headquarters (courtesy of Crease, Strickland and Parkin)

Artist's impression of the new City of York Council headquarters (courtesy of Smith Dimes)
Work started on the conversion from former railway station and offices to City of York Council offices at the end of January 2011. The conversion to offices was largely complete by January 2013, when York residents were invited to view it.

The site comprises three blocks of various dates which join to form a u-shape. The earliest is the G.T. Andrews departure platform, which formed part of the original railway station of 1841, a railway hotel added in 1853 and then further additions on the north side facing the city walls.  Hidden on the inside of this complex are the remains of the original train shed and the most controversial aspect of the scheme involved moving this section out to the end of the building so that it can be seen from the city walls. It will make the original function of the building, as a railway station, more readily understood.

The original shed ran the whole length and beyond (most of it being removed, however, in the 1950s)  and the Trust took the view, as did English Heritage, that if this section is located on the same site as the rest of the shed, and the work is done sensitively, then we would be content with the proposal.

The spaces between the buildings have been filled to provide additional accommodation under a new roof of saw-tooth form with many windows.  The name 'West Offices' came from the British Rail era.