York Civic Trust has recently run a major City-wide transport consultation to find out what residents think are the key issues in York and how to tackle them.

Partnering with the York Environment Forum and York Bus Forum, The Trust conducted this survey throughout September 2019.

The surveys asked residents and those commuting into York to work to outline what they feel are current issues with transport in the City, how and why they move around the City and how they would like to see transport changed in the future.  

The results of the surveys of residents, commuters and visitors are now available:

York Transport Local Consultation – Key Findings Report: Residents and Commuters, Nov. 2019

York Local Transport Consultation – Key Findings Report: Visitors’ surveys, Nov. 2019

The response to the survey will feed into the Council’s new Local Transport Plan, work on which is expected to be started next year.

Citizens’ Transport Forum

Working with York Bus Forum and York Environment Forum, we have established a Citizens’ Transport Forum, drawn from those who completed our September 2019 survey.  Citizens’ Transport Forums enable a representative group of residents to come together to agree on transport policy.  They are still novel; the first UK Transport Forum was held in Cambridge in 2019.

We invited all 1,388 residents who replied to our survey to volunteer to take part in the Forum.  440 did so, and from these we selected 100 to join the Forum.  The Forum met for the first time in February 2020 in three identical 3 hour sessions of around 35 participants in five groups, each with a volunteer facilitator.  Each session focused in turn on problems, policy objectives and possible strategies.  Findings were compared in short feedback sessions.  Facilitators and volunteer reporters recorded all points made, which were collated into a draft report sent to all participants for comment.  30% responded, commenting also on the conduct of the Forum. A report of the key findings can be downloaded here.

York’s Citizens’ Transport Forum met for its fourth session in November/December 2021.  The meetings were designed to provide comments on York Civic Trust’s proposed Transport Strategy for York, which is anticipated will be published in February 2022. Whilst the principal output of the meetings was to offer advice on the Trust’s planned strategy document, the report of the key findings can be downloaded here.